Kindred Restaurant

Lara Tumer and The Best of LKN  |  September 21, 2022


Kindred Restaurant

Kindred Restaurant | Davidson, NC

by The Best of LKN

With an ever-evolving menu, farm-to-table ingredients, and an approachable yet elevated atmosphere, there’s a reason that Kindred has become a hot spot in the Lake Norman community. In addition to local patrons, Kindred Restaurant draws diners from Charlotte and beyond with their rotating homemade pasta, thoughtful cocktail menu, and the star of the show – salty, soft complimentary milk bread – the must-have start to every Kindred meal. 


Kindred brings a plethora of fine dining feels to a more casual establishment, complete with elevated service and food. Husband and wife owners Joe and Katy Kindred attribute a lot of their success to having a true chef-driven kitchen without a concrete concept or limitations within their menu. Anyone who walks into Kindred will immediately feel the intimacy of the space, inspired by the couple’s history of travel and personal taste. Every square inch of the interior was a conscious decision translated from idea to reality. It’s amazing to think that Katy was nervous about putting the space together (her first solo restaurant design) given the beauty and obvious attention to detail of the final product. 


Inspired Food that Inspires 

When asked where the inspiration for the menu comes from, Joe Kindred will explain that it really comes from everywhere – some menu items with an Italian flare, others stemming from the couple’s time in California. The idea blossomed when the couple worked together in Chicago, long before they were dating or even married. All of the food is fresh, heavily seasoned, and well-balanced. It’s different from the food you’ll find at any nearby restaurant. Take one bite of anything on the menu and it’s evident. Since the menu is constantly changing, regular diners are often excited to return and see the menu changes. This offers a completely different dining experience every single time.


Building an All-star Team 

While the menu might change consistently, the promise of above-average service is consistent. The leadership teams at Kindred (and their second restaurant, Hello Sailor) are some of the best in the business, and part of the reason the food can really own the spotlight. From management to servers and every team member, the high level of attention to the diner’s experience is never lacking. 


Let’s Talk Details 

So what can you expect to eat and drink at Kindred? Consistent menu items include their perfectly acidic Grandfather Pickles and their full-of-flavor Duck Fat Potatoes. Rotating pasta dishes often include Squid Ink Conchiglie flavored with sea urchin butter in addition to some sort of ravioli, bucatini, and rigatoni. A variety of farm-fresh, seasonal (and locally sourced) vegetables, fish, and meat complete the menu. Don’t wait until your special day to indulge in their Chocolate Birthday Cake – a must-have any day of the year. 


The cocktail menu deserves as much praise as the food menu. The Soigne West is a current favorite, especially for anyone who likes a boozy drink. Complete with bourbon, Campari, Americano, and grapefruit bitters it is well-balanced and smooth. It also features classics like the much-loved Aperol Spritz. The well-trained bartenders at Kindred can whip up anything, dolling out cocktails on the spot based on flavor and liquor preferences. The sky is the limit. A curated beer and wine menu are also available. 


Reservations for both the indoor and outdoor space can be made through Resy. Keep in mind the restaurant is currently closed on both Sunday and Monday and open from 5 pm – 10 pm the remainder of the week. 



Address: 131 N Main St, Davidson, NC 28036

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