Foxcroft Wine Co is About to Open in Birkdale Village!

Tara Boucher  |  March 26, 2024


Foxcroft Wine Co is About to Open in Birkdale Village!

Birkdale Village is about to uncork something special! Foxcroft Wine Co., a haven for wine lovers since 2004, is opening its doors and inviting you to celebrate. Get ready for a vibrant atmosphere with a full-service restaurant offering delicious shareable plates and delectable entrees – all perfectly paired with their extensive wine selection.

But that's not all! Soak up the Birkdale vibes on their expansive patio overlooking the village center. Feeling fancy? Reserve their private dining space for a memorable gathering. Feeling social? Birkdale's social district means you can sip your favorite vino and explore the shops in style, thanks to their handy to-go wine glasses. This grand opening promises an unforgettable experience for any wine enthusiast – so grab your friends and raise a glass to good times at Foxcroft Wine Co.!

Conrad Hunter, a native of Charlotte spanning eight generations, dedicated much of the 1980s and 1990s to a professional career as a touring musician and proprietor of a recording studio. His deep-seated passion for wine emerged in 1988 while assisting a friend in launching The Artist’s Cafe, Charlotte's pioneering open-kitchen brasserie. Disenchanted with the music industry's decline in the late 1990s, Hunter transitioned to a new vocation in the wine sector, selling his studio to pursue this interest. In 2004, he inaugurated the first Foxcroft Wine Co. establishment in the heart of Charlotte's Foxcroft neighborhood. Fifteen years later, Hunter remains actively engaged in steering the expansion of Foxcroft Wine Co. across multiple locations, alongside its acclaimed sibling enterprise, Dot Dot Dot, a classic cocktail lounge revered in Charlotte's hospitality scene.  Be sure to stop on by Foxcroft Wine Co for your favorite glass of wine and just relax!


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